Indicator 95. Domestic revenues allocated to sustainable development as percent of GNI, by sector

Rationale and definition:

This indicator tracks government resource mobilization for sustainable development as a share of GNI. The data can be collected on an internationally comparable basis by the IMF, which should define the government spending categories that support sustainable development (e.g. most military expenditure and some subsidies should be excluded). Once the relevant government spending categories have been defined, the indicator can be compiled for all countries.

In general, the richer a country, the higher government spending can be as a share of GNI. It seems reasonable that countries should aim to mobilize at least 15-20% of GNI as government spending.


By sector.

Comments and limitations:

To be reviewed.

Preliminary assessment of current data availability by Friends of the Chair:


Primary data source:

Administrative data.

Potential lead agency or agencies: