Indicator 99. Share of SDG Indicators that are reported annually

Rationale and definition:

To become an effective management tool and report card, the SDGs need to be underpinned by quality data that is reported annually. This will require significant investments to improve existing measurement instruments (for example to speed up monitoring and enhance disaggregation), create new instruments, and build the capacity of NSOs, especially in LDCs, and international statistical agencies. We propose that a simple indicator be created that tracks the share of SDG indicators – possibly including Complementary National as well as Global Monitoring Indicators – that are reported on an annual basis. Such an indicator will provide a good proxy for the effectiveness of national monitoring systems for the SDGs and investments made to strengthen them.



Comments and limitations:

The indicator should only track indicators that can and should be tracked annually. This may, for example, exclude life expectancy at birth.

Preliminary assessment of current data availability by Friends of the Chair:


Primary data source:


Potential lead agency or agencies: